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PUBG Hack Honestly Review

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This is gonna be a pretty cut and dry review for a pretty basic cheat that ultimately helps indefinitely. I have used and been banned by a few other private cheats within just a couple games but those ones had aimbot, item esp, etc. (leaving a much bigger code footprint). In a game like battlegrounds you only need player ESP as it helps you very tactically when maneuvering on the battlefield and gives you a supreme advantage when you know where everyone is. I like it the most because you can see where people are, and use the terrain as cover and concealment. Plus, the ESP has a distance limit on it so that you can only see the people within a certain distance but trust me, it's still pretty far and gives you that tactical advantage to gain fire superiority immediately. Besides, it is a smart move to only have ESP as it leaves a smaller code footprint for BE to find. WIth that said, hopefully EVERYONE reads very carefully how to set up the cheat and inject it properly without it being detected. Also, in my experience using cheats for pubg, this is is by far the best especially when it comes to performance as I don't experience frame drops as I did with others. With a game that uses BattleEye, you should be grateful there is an undetected cheat at all. If you want to cheat in this game, buy this NOW!

-At the time of this review, I have not been banned and I have achieved a chicken dinner in every game 

Enhanced Aim PUBG hack is the best on market now! Thanks a lot for amazing cheats!




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Thanks for your review sir!

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